Why is Scrumie the right solution in this case?

Team members appreciate the transparent teamwork overview of the work done in the team - they know what other teammates are working on which promotes trust, motivation and transparency in the team. All of these values are crucial for the team members’ satisfaction and well-being at work. 

From the practical point of view, if team members know when others are working - this means their working hours and status availability (working, home office, vacation) - they know when to get in touch with each other without the need of sending messages and asking them. 

When filling out daily stand-ups, team members briefly inform others about the work progress and plans for the next day. These stand-ups are available to the entire team anytime. This is very useful because if you are waiting for one of your teammates to finish something, you can check his/her stand-up and see if it has been done or not (or if there are some blockers).

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