Accounting app helps you know how many hours each user has worked in a selected data range and if he/she has taken any vacation or sick days. See more in this article about the app and who benefits most from using it

Accounting App

  1. To add the Accounting app, follow these few steps how to add an integration (application) to Scrumie. 

  2. After you successfully add the app, you are redirected to your workspace team overview. 

  3. Click the button "App Integrations" and choose "Accounting". 

  4. Choose a data range for which you want to see the hours worked, taken vacation and sick days for all the users. 

  5. If you wish to work with the data further, you can download the data by clicking the button "Export as XLSX". 

Awesome! Now, you have a simple overview of the hours worked, vacation days and sick days in your team!

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