Virtual daily stand-ups play a crucial role because they inform all teammates of your work progress. Learn more about daily stand-ups and why there are important for the team.

Filling out your daily stand-up

Filling out a daily stand-up

Filling out your virtual daily stand-up is simple and takes you 2 minutes every day

  1. Go to a workspace, where you want to fill out your daily stand-up.

  2. In the team overview, choose a date (next to your name) for which you want to fill out your daily stand-up.

  3. Click the blue button "Fill your day".

  4. A window for filling out a virtual stand-up will show up.

  5. Choose the status (Working, Home office, Not working, Sick Day...) - if not already done through "My availability".

  6. Pick up a project you were working on during a day. Set a number of hours you spent on this project and inform briefly your teammates about your work progress. You can also tag your teammates (@teammatename) in the daily stand-up.

  7. Repeat the No. 6 if you worked on more projects.

  8. Describe what you plan to do tomorrow - left corner. (optional) 

  9. Click the button "Save my report".

Awesome! You filled out your first daily stand-up. Great job! Now, all of your colleagues know about your work progress. 

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